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Welcome: Christina O’Neal, Ph.D. – New Director of Program Partnerships

Things are heating up in Maine! Our recent partnership with the Maine Department of Education has definitely sparked demand for the SERIES, promising to bring our programming to 12,500 students in 100 new partner schools statewide over the next three years. We feel truly fortunate, after a rigorous selection process that featured extraordinary candidates, to have found just the right person to oversee this formidable growth—our new Director of Program Partnerships—Christina O’Neal.

Christina is a people-person—dynamic, positive and highly professional—with impeccable credentials and real passion for her work. Her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Educational Leadership became even more compelling to us when we discovered the topic of her published dissertation: Social Emotional Learning in high school. Christina has been a practicing educator in Maine for nearly two decades and will leave her position as a K-5 principal in Pittston Maine when she begins with SPIRIT SERIES this July. We can’t wait!

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