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SPIRITED ’22 – Back on Stage!

Dear Supporters and Friends,

For those still wondering if we can ever fully regain that sense of connection and community lost in the pandemic, we have some good news: over 2,000 students in 17 schools across Los Angeles had a chance to succeed with one another, delivering 65 performances of inspiring one-act biographies from the SERIES this year. Whether in masks or mask-free, in costume or simply dressed in black, participants in grades four through seven met the SPIRIT SERIES challenge, just as 55,000 students had done before them over the past 21 years. Their triumphs with classmates were all the more poignant for the adversity and isolation that students and teachers have weathered over the past two-plus years.

We would like to give a special thanks to our 2021-22 Southern California partner schools:

Aspire Antonio Maria Lugo Academy
Aspire Titan Academy
Broadway ES
Canoga Park ES
Canyon Charter ES
Capistrano ES
Chatsworth Park ES
Extera Pubic Schools @ 2nd Street
Fairburn Elementary School
Hancock Park ES
Hart ES
Mayberry ES
New Roads School
Nevada ES
Paul Revere Charter Middle School
Paul Revere Middle School Magnet
Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School

Our heartfelt thanks!

Leslie & Richard Strauss

p.s. And now, you can actively join us as we tend to the spirit of our students in school communities across America: become a SpiritCorps Story Coach Volunteer. Together We Grow!

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