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Delivering vital skills,
positive core values & community
through the profound power of story

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  • Transformed learning for 60,000+ 4th to 10th grade students
  • Partnered with over 100 school communities from California to Maine
  • Delivered 30,000+ hours of instruction in 2,000 classrooms
  • Achieved a teacher-reported 27% improvement in academic & SEL skills
  • Won grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Garnered endorsement from the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Contracted statewide with the Maine Department of Education

“It changed my life—SPIRIT SERIES!”

— Dominika Peikos, 7th Grade


  • Serve 10,000 students at 100+ partner schools per year
  • Empower educators from coast to coast to self-implement SERIES programming
  • Reach school communities everywhere with online programming & hands-on support
  • Engage business & service organizations to provide volunteer SpiritCorps Story Coaches
  • Create a vibrant community of practice to tend to the spirit of our children
  • Quantify and leverage our impact to position the SERIES for full-scale expansion
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A Transformative
Positive Core Values & Literacy Program

“SPIRIT SERIES is one of the most amazing curricula I have seen in my four decades of public education. Each and every student was transformed by this fabulous program.”

— Janet Chapman, Principal

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Six historical one-act biographies celebrate some of history’s greatest heroes and the life lessons their stories have to teach us today. SERIES titles have been studied, staged and performed On Stage by over 50,000 students since the program’s inception in 2001. Soon, these same drama-based units will be offered On Screen for use by classroom teachers, making the SERIES available to school communities everywhere. This new delivery mode features the same in-depth exploration of each SERIES play—its text, subtext and application of themes to the lives of students—that have been the hallmark of SpiritSeries On Stage for more than two decades.

“I believe that SPIRIT SERIES is a perfect instructional vehicle in middle school. I am a fierce proponent of the core concepts behind this extraordinary curriculum!”

— Steven Carnine, Middle School Humanities Teacher




A 21st Century
Personal Narrative Writing &
Video Storytelling Program

“I would absolutely recommend SPIRITCORPS to any educator. It was so well organized, so intuitive. A masterclass in self-reflection. And fun for the students! It was great.”

— Scott Arritt, Middle School ELA Teacher

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This video storytelling curriculum is inspired by the historical heroes we celebrate in the SERIES and the positive core values their lives exemplify: e.g. Courage, Compassion, Conscience. Students begin by viewing personal video stories of these virtues from SPIRIT SERIES staff and program friends. Participants then embark on a five-step, self-discovery and writing process culminating in a personal SpiritCorps video story of their own. Along the way, students are guided by their classroom teacher, assisted by a peer Story Partner, and mentored by a trained adult Story Coach Volunteer offering personalized constructive feedback at three key points in the SpiritCorps journey.

“It helped me learn that other people are struggling with the same things I am and made me feel less alone.”

— Justin T., 8th Grade

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An Empowering
Personal Leadership &
Professional Development Program

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into—and I’m so glad I did. This was the best professional development I have experienced in my 30 years of teaching!”

— Ron Rollins, Middle School Humanities Teacher

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Our project-based 30-hour curriculum for educators shares the aims and methods used by SERIES staff to obtain exceptional classroom results. We start from a simple premise: creating transformative outcomes with students begins with ourselves. In this two-phase program—built around the SpiritWorks Leadership Model—participants expand their capacity for inspiration, empowerment and mastery, thereby becoming more fulfilled in their work…and their lives. Part One—a two-day Summer Institute—builds community as it introduces the SpiritWorks Model, while Part Two—the Practicum—puts the Model into classroom practice during the school year.

“An analysis of potentially similar programs [nationwide] found not a single one with the same aims and methods, making SPIRIT SERIES a stand out.”

— 2011 Evaluation, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Empower Students Across America

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