Buddha Walks Crop 800



Buddha Walks Crop 800

Four Steps on the Eightfold Path: Compassion

When a young prince of India left his kingdom to find a cure for life’s suffering the journey led him to discover happiness and fulfillment through The Eightfold Path. In the 2,500 years since, many have found that it is not always easy to walk this path and live by its teachings. One of these—Right Conduct—reminds us to open our hearts, put ourselves in the shoes of another and act with Compassion, no matter how difficult that may be. Now, we invite you to join us at SpiritCorps and share a moment from your life when YOU felt the warmth of Compassion from another, for another…or even for yourself. Together We Grow!

Buddha Walks

STORIES OF Compassion

Waist deep in the worst of places, Marwan learns a lesson in life

Miranda loses her hair… and finds something even more beautiful

Richard wrestles with forgiveness


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