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Going Digital: SpiritSeries On Screen

To make the SERIES’ inspiring one-act biographies available from coast to coast, we have begun adapting our drama-based curriculum for use by classroom teachers. The first two SERIES titles slated to go On Screen—Seeking Socrates and Song of Sitting Bull—are already in development. Bringing these heroic stories into classrooms, On Screen, has opened powerful possibilities, among them the chance to actively partner with leaders from the cultural and wisdom traditions we celebrate. To that end, this October we journeyed to the Black Hills of South Dakota to film two days of moving and informative interviews with Lakota partners, Darrell Red Cloud and Lyle Miller, Sr.

Our task On Screen is to guide the same in-depth exploration of each SERIES play—its text, subtext and application of themes to the lives of students—that have been hallmarks of SpiritSeries On Stage over two decades. Providing educators with everything they will need to achieve this end, and at an affordable cost, has truly transformative potential.  This coming spring, partner teachers will pilot the On Screen Seeking Socrates curriculum in their classrooms for the first time and, If successful, our first two On Screen units will be available to partner schools in fall of 2023, with the entire SERIES slated to be available On Screen by late 2025.

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