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Dear Supporters and Friends,

2021 was destined to be a milestone year for SPIRIT SERIES long before any of us had heard of Covid-19. This spring the SERIES commemorates its 20th anniversary! We have taken this opportunity to reflect upon what our work has taught us along the way: 20 Teachings From 20 Years. And, as we look back on the many challenges and triumphs that brought us here, we are struck by how improbable our story is—how much of our great good fortune depended upon events beyond our making or control. This leaves us with a sense of profound gratitude and a heartfelt Thank You to everyone whose partnership and support have sustained us through these past two decades!

2020-21 has also given us a glimpse of our future. Spurred by mandated distance learning, the SERIES began a strategic transformation to online curricula this year. Through the inspired work and dedication of our staff, we can now offer an array of programming for grades four to ten, featuring three new online iterations: SPIRIT SERIES On Screen, delivered in four states this year; SpiritCorps, our positive core values video-storytelling curriculum; and soon, SPIRIT SERIES Digital, for delivery of the program by classroom teachers. With anticipated school re-openings in 2021-22, our traditional high-touch On Stage curriculum will be back as well!

With a lot of hard work, a good bit of luck, and your continued partnership, we hope to spread the SERIES mission this coming academic year, and tend to the spirit of students in school communities across America.

Our sincere thanks, once again!

Leslie & Richard Strauss

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