Spiritcorps 2021 Maine Celebration Event

SpiritCorps: 2021 Maine Celebration Event

This winter/spring in Maine, the first 500 students — grades five through ten — completed our new positive core values and 21st Century skills curriculum: SpiritCorps. They began their journey by viewing personal video stories of challenge and triumph from SERIES staff and program friends, inspired by the historical heroes we celebrate in SPIRIT SERIES and the attributes their lives exemplify. Participants then immersed themselves in a rigorous Five-Step self-reflection and writing process, culminating in a SpiritCorps video story of their own.

These personal stories of Courage, Gratitude and Mindfulness were celebrated on June 9th as five representative students, along with their teachers and parents, shared their videos and reflected on their work. You can watch the recorded livestream above.

In 2021-22, we will begin to offer SpiritCorps in grades seven through ten, nationwide. For more information, or to view heartfelt video stories and our SpiritCorps curriculum, visit: SpiritCorps or contact spiritcorps@spiritseries.org. Together We Grow!

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