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Recognition and Appreciation in Maine

In recognition of our unique and growing work with Maine schools, reporter Bob Keyes of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram came to our residency in Lebanon, Maine, to observe and experience. In two visits – one in Week Two of the program, and the final performance – Keyes captured much of what makes SPIRIT SERIES different from other artist-in-residency programs.

We are so grateful to our partners at Lebanon Elementary/Middle School for being a part of our exciting story and for being a part of this important work that tends to the spirit of our children.

Steve Connelly, superintendent of the school district, described it well:

“It’s all about the personal traits that we all hope to see in our own child. It’s about showing up on time, about being honest and how you face adversity. When things are going well, do you have empathy? Can you rebound when things are not going well? You want knowledgeable and informed citizens, and creative and practical problem-solvers. Spirit Series dovetails nicely with our work in those areas. I like the historic aspect, I like the literary component, and I like the buy-in from the kids.”

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