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First Findings: New Quantitative Assessment

Two years in the making, the new SPIRIT SERIES Quantitative Assessment was launched this fall. We are excited to share our preliminary findings here. Teachers, representing the initial 28 classrooms and 880 students who have completed the program thus far this academic year, reported positive program impact in EVERY one of the SERIES’ nine goals. Student improvements ranged from 11.3% to 60.6%, with average overall student improvement across all nine goals of 28.7%. Teachers cited student improvements after their SERIES residency in 82.6% of all assessment responses. These early results confirm 16 years of observation with 45,000 students and begin to document SPIRIT SERIES as an evidence-based success. Thanks go to The Character Lab at University of Pennsylvania, Centers for Research on Creativity, SERIES board member and educator, Jennifer Mansfield, as well as our many partner classroom teachers for their guidance and support!

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