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The Conquistador's Wife play

Morgan gets smart David drives a harsh bargain Richard’s taste of reality The Four Agreements: Make No Assumptions Insight The great Toltec civilization thrived for nearly 1,000 years on the central plateau of Mexico. Their wisdom lives on today in…


Seeking Socrates play

David finds how sweet an ice cream cone can be Sophie’s little secret Teacher Beverly passes a test Four Pillars Of Greek Philosophy: Conscience The father of Greek Philosophy—Socrates—was also called the Conscience of Athens. For him, listening to his…


Seeking Socrates play

Leslie learns a life lesson from toilet paper David finally accepts his special gifts Kavi curbs her audio book obsession Four Pillars Of Greek Philosophy: Balance The ancient Greeks believed that the Oracle spoke for the God Apollo and could…


Freedom Train play

Tina takes the measure of a musician’s life Sahra learns that responsibility has its limits Illness forces Steph to take charge Four Faces Of Freedom: Responsibility After Harriet Tubman escaped slavery, she risked her life many times to return South…


Freedom Train play

Lance gives thanks for the freedom to read Morgan’s grandmother teaches her true gratitude Richard receives a priceless gift Four Faces Of Freedom: Gratitude Until she was 29, Harriet Tubman lived as a slave. For her, all those years, Freedom…

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