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Buddha Walks Crop 800

Four Steps on the Eightfold Path: Compassion When a young prince of India left his kingdom to find a cure for life’s suffering the journey led him to discover happiness and fulfillment through The Eightfold Path. In the 2,500 years…


Socrates Crop 800

Four Pillars of Greek Philosophy: Conscience The father of Greek Philosophy — Socrates — was also called the Conscience of Athens. For him, listening to his inner voice and following the path of Virtue was more important than anything…even his…


Sitting Bull Crop 800

Four Lakota Virtues: Courage The great Native American Chief, Sitting Bull, led his people with Generosity, Fortitude, Courage and Wisdom — The Four Lakota Virtues — as they warred for a way of life they could not save. His story…

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