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The Conquistador’s Wife

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La Malinche and the Conquest of Mexico “CONQUISTADOR’S WIFE” tells of the Encounter—the Conquest of Mexico—as seen through the eyes of a young native girl, Malinali, who befriends “Strangers” landing on her shores in search of empire and gold. Seeking…

Seeking Socrates

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Truth, Virtue & the Tyranny of the Majority “SEEKING SOCRATES” tells of one man who would not be silenced, who stood against the tyranny of the majority, and risked everything in the name of Truth…even his life. Set in Classical…

Galileo’s Crime

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The Quest for Knowledge & the Holy Inquisition “GALILEO’S CRIME” tells the tale of the “father of science,” and the heavy price he must pay when his revolutionary views clash with those held by the most powerful institution of his…

Freedom Train

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Harriet Tubman & the Struggle Against Slavery “FREEDOM TRAIN” tells the story of Harriet Tubman, a young black woman, living under the yoke of slavery, who would risk her life so that others could be free. Set at a time…

Song of Sitting Bull

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Lakota Wisdom & Westward Expansion “SONG OF SITTING BULL” tells the story of the Lakota people–a strong, proud Native American nation–and the great Chief who would lead them in a fierce fight to save their beloved way of life. Set…

Buddha Walks

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A Prince of India & the Search to End Suffering “BUDDHA WALKS” tells the tale of a young prince in ancient India—Siddhartha—and the sacrifices he must make to discover his life’s true purpose, his destiny. Awakened to suffering, after being sheltered…

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