Sitting Bull Crop 800


To Do:

Answer these questions:

1. When was the battle?

2. Where was the battle?

3. Who fought?

4. Who led each side?

5. Why did they fight?

6. What happened in the battle and who won?

7. How did Wasichu attitudes change after the battle and why?

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To Do:

Find your Character.

Read about them.

Answer these questions:

1. What is your character’s name?

2. Was he/she Lakota or Wasichu?

3. How old was he/she in 1876?

4. What kind of home do you imagine your character had? Do you know if they had a family, or do you imagine they did? If so, describe it.

5. Did your character have a job? If not, how did they spend their time?

6. How would you describe him/her—what were some of his/her most important character traits (bravery, boastfulness, loyalty, strength)?

7. What is most interesting to you about him/her?

8. What was the most important thing your character did during the Battle of Little Big Horn or as soon as he/she found out about it?

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Start at the beginning of the play,
Read one scene at a time.

Then re-read that scene, and list:

  • What happens?
  • Who it happens to?
  • Why it happens?

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