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Dear Parents and Families,

Imagine: gazing at the heavens through the first telescope, with Galileo at your side, as he risks his liberty and his life to change the way we see our world. Thanks to support from your school as well as generous assistance from foundations, corporate sponsors and many private donors, your student has embarked, or will soon, on an amazing three-week learning adventure. For one hour each day, they will immerse themselves in a world far beyond the classroom—studying, co-writing, staging and performing an inspirational one-act SPIRIT SERIES play:

Galileo’s Crime

In journal entries, they will explore tenets of Science and Faith: Acceptance, Discernment, Curiosity and Commitment. One of these four attributes may also be the focus of an At Home project. And we encourage you to join in! The At Home journey begins, with heartfelt personal stories from friends of our program that celebrate these important character traits. Designed to engage and challenge, the At Home project, along with the entire SPIRIT SERIES curriculum, promotes literacy, higher-order thinking, positive core values, presentation skills, teamwork, character and self-esteem.

The success of this curriculum depends on your engagement and support. In the next three weeks, your student may bring home additonal written assignments, journals, and a craft project. If so, please assist her/him in completing these important tasks. You may also wish to read the play, available on this website, and discuss together the key message of Galileo’s life. This drama-based transformative experience promises to be of lasting significance to your student. Thank you for your active participation.

Hope to see you at the show!


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